Sunday, 13 September 2009

can anyone say hogarth?


  1. me ! me! I can! I can!
    I think his hairstyle might have changed a bit here, but it looks good anyway.
    I think the jawline is a bit symmetrical, which wouldn't be from a 3/4 view. The side closest to his hand needs to be shaped a bit.
    Also, I think maybe his jawline can be a bit pointier anyway. The curve from under the ear leading to the angle that makes his jaw is perhaps a bit too big.
    I know I ripped it apart, didn't mention the things I DO like (like the back of the 'ed, the eyes and nose, basically everything that isn't mentioned here)

  2. Good points bro! Me and jawlines don't get along, unless you like Downey Wolf, haha. He does have a pretty symetrical face, huh...

    Also, definitely changed the hairstyle a bit... Because I don't like (read: can't draw) Wolf's parting where it is on the orginal one.

  3. I changed up my drawing a bit...
    Looks much better now, comparatively (his jaw, anyway)
    I can't be bothered to scan it though.