Thursday, 20 August 2009

Rubber Hose guy

This is what I got for this guy at the moment, I've looked at Disney rubber hose, that ghost of Steven foster video that Ricky told me about and other random rubber hose cartoons I come across on youtube

I keep chopping and changing his design, I haven't really had to time for a proper sit down and have a go with a full time job AND bar work but I doodle him in any spare minute at work on a scrap bit of paper I got shit loads lol and his character has slowly developed. Also the colours are just be getting the look they aren't what i image his colours to be.

I like where its going at the moment! what do you guys think?

i am also working on a Ren and Stimpy style character but that style is really difficult to get right! but I am getting there!


  1. Ooooooooh I like him.

    Also, the black/white/grey works. Maybe they're too dark but it fits him in with what he is supposed to represent - make him have a bit of a grainy texture... Works well.

  2. cheers! yeah ill mess around with different shades of grey etc and see what suits best. good idea ill add a texture to it aswell to make him more from that era

  3. it's too dark on my telly, so it'll be too dark on someone elses somewhere too!Its just his trousers and shoes that blend together though.
    Other than that, love it!

  4. okie dokie ill mess around with the shades and see what we get :)