Thursday, 20 August 2009

Post Surgic Wolf

SO here's just an idea for Wolf's middle surgery phase. It's based on A Disney flick (I won't say which, you might get it). I've taken the main features of Wolf but just made them into a real animatable form. Here they are all together, just for your own satisfaction, too see if they work together (or not, what ever).
Sound off in the usual fashion please folks! (CAN WE GET EVERYONE THIS TIME?)


  1. Okay.

    I already guessed what you 'referenced' =P.

    However, I will add that between middle Wolf and good Wolf, the jump in styles seems too much.

    Personally I don't like the last look of Wolf at all, but stylistically speaking they do show a huge difference between each one, which is pretty much the point, huh? They could definitely be from three different eras in cartoons.

  2. To be honest, I don't like him much either, but it's a springboard to hopefully better things...

  3. reminds me or wart :)
    hmm its a good design for his improvement i mean he is still very recognisable from the first design, but he kinda looks younger (but suppose that is a reflection on plastic surgery which makes people looks younger)

  4. I didn't mean to
    a) make him look that much younger
    b) rip off Disney that much

    Waiting for anyone to do better! :)