Friday, 25 September 2009


Not 100% accurate. Sorry. Hopefully it's good to work from realistically.

There should be more than enough information on this and previous posts combined to recreate him accurately. They'll all be together in the crew pack


  1. Dude, his thumb is weird (top drawing). Seems to be missing a joint.

  2. Hierarchy in this sense is basically talking about the order of importance of the shape. Imagine drawing a tree. You might draw a nice big triangle first. Then, within the triangle, you start going in there and adding definition around the edge, going in and out to form leaf shapes but never straying from your original triangle too much. This insures that it will always look like a nice big triangle tree, rather than a jumbled mess of leaves. You could then go in again and add missing brances n stuff (actually you'd probably do that first!), but the heirarchy is as follows
    missing branches

    That way you never stray from your original shape and keep everything ordered.

    On the example above, its just to keep his collar into a cylinder, which you can then break into details within that shape.

    I hope that's a little clearer, but its actually a fancy word for something we usually do automatically anyway.