Friday, 25 September 2009

Houston, we have a problem

I was planning on going to see Tom with the animatic the day after I get back from Sweden (Tuesday) but then I remembered...won't the new first years be in by then? I really doubt he'll have any time for us in their first week! ARG!
SO I guess my initial plan of having a finished animatic by term start will no longer happen. I blame Sofie's stupid releatives for having this fucking wedding. HOWEVER,
It doesn't really change anything. We can still get started on our tests and even begin with some of the really really hard shots. Like the dance sequence, which will always be in there, and Marks shots which will most likely remain exactly the same.


  1. We could try emailing Tom (he's supposed to be pretty good at replying to students) and asking for a tutorial some time later in the week. It's;

  2. i dont know how to get him to watch the animatic

    maybe give him a login for the blog?

  3. oh sorry i didnt read your comment properly
    good plan

  4. Can we really start the dance scene without any music?

  5. Sure can ma'am. All you need is a set BPM, which we can then give to our musician later