Sunday, 20 September 2009


Okie dokie first off sorry for the absence on here recently been juggling working at Gamestation and a bar job the past 3 weeks plus am off on holiday Tuesday for a week (don't worry I am taking my sketchbook with me :D) so haven't had a real chance to get stuck in with this character again but when I have had a spare I have been doodling trying to make the changes you suggested and I just couldn't get it for ages he wither looked like a deformed mickey or too much like felix then I came up with this guy.

I like this one still has the old design in there but much more simple and more to what I think you guys wanted. If you like him ill get straight on to doing a few poses from the animatic and a turn around of him ASAP before I go Tuesday :)

ill be constantly doodling him on holiday so will come back with loads of poses etc as well just want to get the design down before i do it


  1. HEY HEY nicole. I am also on holiday (hear that peeps? sorry for lack of posts....i will do some just not as many...).
    With regards to this fella, nice stuff. I like it cos it isn't quite Felix, somehow, which is good. I think he needs one more thing..
    looky here


  2. haha ok ricky ill give him a hat now do you want a hat like his for him?

  3. yeah, seems a lot of characters at the time sported one.

    see if one fits him!

  4. Liking this character's design, cute little fella XD