Friday, 18 September 2009


Yeah...Marching scene still for Director., Sorry stole background from previous post XD
Tried colouring in the classic style.

Oh and wanted to through an idea out there, what do people think about me giving her a 'chibi' version? I think it would work well for some of the scenes when she's surprised, angry etc.


  1. I hope you had fun with it, I wanted to give you this as you need to be able to do 12 of these for every second she's on screen, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. With regards to the chibi one, I think it'd be funny, lets give it a shot.
    I was planning on making a production still using this, so you got 1 step ahead of me putting it on the layout! We'll get everyone's characters in the pose and do it...

  2. she is looking fantastic storm! i really like her! works quite well with the background layout too!

  3. Do you know what to do next, Storm? Come to think of it, does everyone have something to do? (if they want it)

  4. I think I already hate texturing. What can I do?

  5. yeah I've got the chibi designs to work on right now, unless there is something you want me to work on before that.

    And thanks Nicole!