Tuesday, 8 September 2009

this is what i got for disney-esque wolf.
i'm at home at the moment and our scanner is rubbish, hence it being a bit cut off. also, discovered yes we have photoshop, but no wacom... so i can't tidy it up and it's killing me inside.


  1. This is the direction he needs to go, definately. There's something about the hips that doesn't quite sit well with me but I know it's just a sketch (maybe his jacket is too short or something..actually it might be his arms too short..put your arms on your hips and look at the massive negative space under them). I think we need to angle off the top of the head , rather than just a curve, like the sword in the stone dude, to suggest the forms of his hair. But other than that, it's certainly the right direction for his initial surgery.

  2. The eyes come off quite nicely, as do the thick eyebrows.

    Remember, Teegs, the EYES have it (ducks).

  3. Yeeeeah, the really rough sketch of this was much MUCH better, but I like this guys face. I'll sort it out.

    Also, you'll notice none of my posts have search tags.

  4. I did notice...this causes me much depression