Monday, 7 September 2009

Super Space Wolf Team GO!

A few days ago Ricky asked me to take a stab at designing the poster on Wolf's wall. Here's the three (very) rough ideas that I liked best.
This is the Star Warsy type one - big triangular shape in the middle, lots of crazy crap happening either side (was going for a Starchaser type thing). Text would go either just below Wolf, or down the bottom where the robot army guys are.I tried to model this one after type of saturday morning cartoon ads you used to see in old comics. The prototype Wolf Team shown here are just placeholder, as is Wolf's Trident thing (he looked like he needed to be holding something, in case you were wondering).
This one is an attempt at irregular composition, where all the elements are slightly off (Wolf being off center, two members of Wolf team randomly floating behind him, etc). You used to see it on a lot of 60's and 70's movie posters. Not sure how well it works here. Wolf's also heavily off-model (tried to make him look older and tougher).

Remember that if you think all of these are crap, just say so. There's plenty more where these came from. Should have some roughs for the text done by tomorrow, too.


  1. Wonderful. Personally I like the top one. I love the idea of the team, but the poster is the VERY FIRST thing you see in the film, so I don't want to confuse people with too many characters to focus on. I think we can get his team on on the poster, just not as prominent as the second one. Also Wolf could be a bit bigger in the comp.
    So, if you can do the first one, make Wolf a bit larger, whack his team on there somehow if you can (maybe in one of those action scenes you have in the montage bits). Like it.
    Can we get a final one by the end of the week or is that too much a tall order?

  2. I like what Wolf is doing in the second poster, it's cocky. Couldn't you make him bigger on that one and his team seem more in the background? Clever zooms and such so you get the point you're looking at Wolf and not the other guys?

    Just a thought.

  3. Thanks for the input, guys! Final design by the end of the week? Done.

  4. I Really like the first poster design..

  5. see that, Mark? You got a capital R there and everything

  6. How are you going on this, Mark? Anything you want to share yet?