Thursday, 3 September 2009


This is the 95% final. There's still 5% missing that will go in place when I make the animatic, it's just copying pasting from existing shots. All drawings are here though. I'm real excited about making this. I've had this idea for almost 10 years now, but thanks to the input of you guys, it's never looked better (although you'll have to use your imagination on some panels!). IF YOU ARE DESIGNING A CHARACTER, don't be distracted by their placeholder in this storyboard. We decided after I started that we were going for an ostrich, so here it's a crocodile throughout. They are just placeholders. You'll notice we have gained a cut out character and a rotoscope dude (definitely parodying Take On Me). Well, have a look and hopefully begin to see it in your head....
If you have a character design, make sure it can reach the poses in the board. Everyone needs to get on this right away.


  1. Like it bro, like it. Maks me chuckle just looking through it, so I think it's gunna work. The only thing unclear in the storyboard at the moment, I think, is the animation/lightbox bit with the doctor, but I know that probably won't be massively clear until it is animated.

    The fixed background characters look really good in the scenes as well I think, got some nice interaction between them too. Hard work paying off!

  2. the lightbox bit is just the owl turning back one sheet to construction, then rubbing out the arm.

    Glad you like it!

  3. haha this is awesome! i agree with tegan on the lightbox bit but im sure it will make more sense with the animatic etc! and i am liking the new owl design! alex is on the right path i think!

    like the small reference to "this way up" there :)

    its my day off tomo so ill tweak my b/w guy with the stuff you suggested ricky