Sunday, 30 August 2009

A dancing ostrich

Another Dancing animal... Its hard to think how wings would work in this? An itd be a bitch to animate all those feathers lol. Maybe a texture?


  1. you'd have to use Dynamics I think...(where things animate themselves...where's the fun in that?)
    I don't know anything about them or how difficult they are to set up.
    However...there is something oddly appealing about a C.G ostrich...

  2. I'm pluggin' for the ostrich, and I believe Fantasia is the reason, those ostriches make me laugh. Actually, ostriches make me laugh in general, they're ridiculous.

    Also, why make such a complicated model that relies on dynamics? Why not just simplify the design?

  3. I'm throwing my lot in with the mysterious Ostrich. Ostrich FTW!

    BTW, did I ever tell you guys me and Ash decided we wanted to fight an ostrich? S'true! We were going to start with a canary and work our way up (for practice). S'true!

  4. those things can break your arm with their neck! and you're not allowed to kill them because they can orphan you with their telepathy