Thursday, 10 September 2009

Initial Wolf and TO DO LIST

Just a couple more of first Wolf here. I've been putting off doing the other stages as I've been mulling it over. I've been thinking about it a lot and I think I have enough to go now on so I'll do it tomorrow.
Played a bit with proportions here. The first drawing on this page is him at 6 and half heads high, which is basically adult human. I wanted make him a little younger than that so I tried 5 and a half. (Don't worry what you have on your poster design Mark, I'm sure it'll be fine. The only change I made was the "v" shape on the front of the boots...seemed pointless 70's to me)
There's a few notes scattered over the drawing.

TO DO before term starts....

I'd like to be ready for production before term starts so we need a bit more from everyone.
Alex, lets get some more designs on the ostrich please, give us some options.
Storm, still plugging away at anime I hope. Can I have a drawing of her in the first marching pose in full production quality (colour)? Then, If you don't mind, I'd like you to try drawing an initial Wolf (the above one) and giving him different colours. Do some research into the era and see if we can get anything better....
Nicole, put down Beatles Rock Band for a moment. Have you made those changes to cat dude yet? If you have, can you get him into the poses in the storyboard?
Hannah, can we get some options on the surgeon? Also, it'd be nice if you could design a cut-out character.....but I'm getting ahead of myself here.

(P.S I understand if people are busy doing other things, I know some of you have jobs and lives and long as you don't think you're allowed a life when Uni starts MWAHAHAHAHAHA)

Teegs and Mark, we gotta get this character design down after surgery. I know Mark has the last surgery done, I'm happy with what I've seen thus far, and the first stage has a's this tricky peak stage I'm talkign about. Like I said, I'm doing some tomorrow, if we all did some we could choose what works best. Don't worry, I won't finish tomorrow, it'll be a while before I post. I know poeple are busy doing stuff already.

Also, I don't mean to keep the main character for the third years, if any second years have any ideas for post surgery Wolf, please let me know, whether it's in a comment or an email or some sketches. Anyone is welcome to work on him, the jobs I've given you are suggestions only.

We also need some concept peices for the world. I've got one burning in the back of my mind which will be made soon (hopefully WACOM first). If your having trouble picturing the world, look at Warner layouts like this oneand picture it with a multimedia slant to it. I'm thinking it will be 50% painted like this, and 50% mixture of everything else we can get in there. So, this with a CG building here and there, different style drawn ones (like 101 dalmations) some watercolour ones etc etc.(all of these images came from here)

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