Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Read my excuses

Now look, this is just a TEST! There are lots of things that make it look a bit naff, the most important being that she has no rendering on her whatsoever. In the final she'll have 2 layers of shadow, dark and not so dark, and a highlight, all blended in (like the well rendered scenes in Aladdin)
Also, this 3D model has NO TEXTURE, NO BUMP MAP
And I made it with NO MODEL SHEET which means it didn't match at all (you may notice the hips don't match very well). Also I made a very nice model, but I closed Maya by accident and didn't save it, so I did this one rather quickly...it's not very good.
But anyway, it's just a test to see if it can be done..(it can), next we'll talk about if it should be done.
For those wondering why I'm considering it...from a story standpoint it makes sense in my head...these characters can't change medium from mere "surgery" but maybe a hand drawn character could get a CG dress if there was nothing else to improve on...bringing in new techniques on top of old ones...in this mixed media universe I think it'll make sense. Anyway that's what I think. Over to y'all...


  1. Not convinced.

    I get what you're saying, but I don't think a texture or her rendering will save it from looking like CG on 2D, it's usually too obvious and kinda distracts you from what is going on. I can already hear you arguing that why shouldn't it be obvious, in this universe though... Because it's a case of aesthetics, and mine say no right now!

    Plus animating her dress to her body seems like more hassle than it is really worth, if it doesn't match up even a little it will look awful. You can still get some good effects with Photoshop and Toonboom, we haven't even tried that yet. Our film is going to take long enough as it is!

    Proove me wrong though! If you can make it look good I'll take it all back!

  2. Probably could be done in Toon Boom...

  3. I think Tengan has a point, i mean it could be pretty distracting from the rest of her and might be technically to much work.
    If you pencil animate it to and line it up over the top in Maya like Disney did in treasure planet it would work ok. Just might be more work and going to have to watch it dosen't get to in your face...doing a drawn line round the outline of it might help it blend.
    Think it's something your going to have to test and experiment more with because I'm not completely convinced it's something we can make work well in the time we will have.

    I do love the idea though and the purple.
    I know it's not the point of this picture but the dark purple seems to suit her.

  4. I did just have a thought/ sujestion if you used it in scene where she's in one of the billboards,(if we're still doing that little mildly lost on what is in and what is out XD) like say on wolfs 2nd or 3rd operation or something, it could be worked in and done well with out being to time consuming hopefully.
    That is me presuming she wont move much or (better) at all on the billboard though. Is just an idea, I'm not great with maya at all so I might be wrong.