Tuesday, 4 August 2009


I'm doing this under my name cos Hannah hasn't quite invited herself to this yet, hopefully she will have by the time I finish typing this lot though. Here is 2 pages of background characters that she has created.
I gotta say this is a prime example of why it's a good idea to get everyone doing stuff, I never would've thought of half of these. I particularly like the My Little Pony rip off, I can easily see that trotting along in the background. And the random japanese floaty things made me laugh, we can have one of them fly past on any outdoor shot. These little things keep a scene alive.
I would say to keep away from the Disney type girls you have, we don't want to take attention away from any scene Sally is in. Talking of Sally, I think your ideas for Sally are really good. Excellent in fact. But as soon as you gain access in this blog you'll realize that Tegan has already scored a perfect Sally in my opinion. Your Sally says GLAMOROUS, Tegan's one says STUCK UP IDIOT which is more what we're going for.
I think the rabbit designs you have for the other surgery patient need to be a bit more cartoony, try and boil her down to a few basic shapes then build on those. Glue yourself to the John K blog for details on old school construction techniques (http://johnkstuff.blogspot.com/)

I'd like to see more Owl! (P.S if you can think of a better animal to represent a doctor/surgeon type thing, go for it.)

Keep going Mizzi. Develop either the Surgeon or your version of Sally. Even if we don't use her, it's excellent stuff to put in your development portfolio. Include any references you might be drawing from.


  1. Aturlly~ I was cooking tea for my family when you where typing this but Yeah,it work :D!

    Haha! Yeah ,ok, I'll keep away from Disney people. I though you probably wouldn't want them but I figured couldn't hurt to throw them in just in case you did as films are a big part of animation culture but you make a good point XD.

    Yeah, I have just seen that you've got a Sally, my hotmail was still locked when I drew her so I didn't know. If it's ok I probably will take your suggestion and still develop my version a little bit more for portfolio...because your right she's not right for the character but I do still like her.
    Ok,I'd be happy to draw more of Mr Owl/surgeon and I'll try drawing him as some other animals just to see what he/it looks like and ,after practicing drawing like the stuff on the blog, I'll try Mrs Bunny again too.

    Thank you for the feed back and such.

  2. Check out top left Sally...

    I mean, that says stuck up idiot to me. I think it's how you've drawn the lips, like a sulking rich kid.

    I like it.

  3. Also, saggy boobs bunny, good look.