Thursday, 9 July 2009

Sally Concepts

Tegan's attempt. I was initially put off by the proportions, but we had a talk about it and agreed she'd look silly as 2 and a half heads high as she'd then have to be short. Her character is not a short character. It'd look silly if they were gaping at a character who was table height. So, Tegan talked me into proportions more like this. I liked the drawing (although we talked a bit about the negative space between her legs being a bit flat). She's gonna do another one in a different pose to give the character a bit of a work out and see if it works.
The first concepts for Sally working with the idea of looking at Arthur De Pins as inspiration.
I really liked the Idea of having her super-deformed (2 and a half heads high). I found it quite difficult to squeeze a human into these proportions after so much life drawing! The one on the left was a first attempt at doing this, and as you can see I ran out of page. And she's at least 3 heads high. On the left is correct proportions, bit of a bad pose though, I'm not satisfied with the way her right shoulder connects to her arm, and both her hands are poorly constructed.


  1. I find her ass really disturbing.

  2. I don't like her shoulder strap thing, makes that side look strange. I think if you're going to have that you should have one on the otherside too. BTW did you add me or have you forgotten to make this blog private..? Like the style of sally though.

  3. I agree, the strap does look odd now.
    I vote no straps.