Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Anime Character Concepts

Hiya guys, Storm here.
I`ve done a few drawings while I`ve been out here, not as many as I`d like as I`m away from my computer, so please excuse the poor snap shots, hope you can see them clear enough. I`ll scan them with better quality when I`m back.

First page, was trying to simplify my drawing style, so its easier to animate, experimented with Studio ghibli, and studio 4Âșc

Personally I`m happiest with these bottom two drawings for the male/female designs (haven`t decided on a gender yet)

Some of the clothing design using the female character, once again trying to keep it simple, quite like the third one (if you can see the numbers).
Will be working on this more and some of the male designs.
PLease let me know and thoughts on this!


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