Thursday, 5 May 2011


At the moment we have these, but i'll update this section with any future merits we may get.

MILANO FILM FESTIVAL 2011 International Animation Short Marathon
ANIMATED EXETER 2011 official selection Best Of The West competition
FUTURE FILM FESTIVAL 2011 (Bologna) official selection (although i could find no mention of this or any other screenings on their website!)
ANIMABASURI-ANIMABASQUE 2011 Karratu Short Film Section official selection

there was another one too, some movie bus thing but i didn't deem it noteworthy.


  1. Sounds good to me :) I would offer to help but with deadline and a film to finish so will be eagerly waiting to see this once its up

  2. Me too, I'd be happy to help once assessments are over :)

  3. I love that you changed comments to assholes.. Genius. I am happy to lend a hand after fri 13th. aka, HELL

  4. I'm looking for anyone who actually knows ANYTHING about setting up a website...

  5. I'm willing to help once uni stops demanding work from us.

    I only know a (tiny) little bit about making a very basic website, Do you have a host site? If not it might be worth asking Adamsons who/ what he used to get their web space. Also maybe ask Hollie(Taylor) she's made a few websites in the past, she probably knows more than me.

    Also it's cool to hear what badly is up to =D!