Wednesday, 31 March 2010


Hey guys, sorry for the delay on this. Where I'm only getting half a billboard, I wasn't quite sure how to go about it. So I've simply made an image and my signature, both in PNG with no background, so whoever's in charge can compile is onto the board with a list of what I've done.
I didn't do the list myself as I wasn't sure what to put on it, as I've practically done every job in at least some small amount, haha.


  1. Sweet, thanks man.
    I think putting you down for:
    Stop Motion Animation
    Rotoscoping (once you've done it of course!)

    Unless I'm forgetting something...? Only list the things you've spent more than a day on, otherwise everyones lists would go on forever!

  2. Hrm, I spose Cutout animation comes under animation in general, I did a few days of cleanup/trace, but i'll leave it up to you if you think that's worth putting down. Otherwise, sounds good to me! Will let ya know if anything else comes to mind, but that sounds good. =]

    I'm off to get Pizza then watch Kick-Ass. Wewt!

  3. oh yeah, clean up/trace too. i hope your picture makes it clear that you did the cut out animation!