Tuesday, 9 February 2010


We have 10 weeks left for animation. Please keep this in mind, and manage your workloads accordingly. If you cannot manage your work, tell me pronto and we'll work it out.
APRIL 19th
This includes all clean up and Toonbooming. Non extendable! Thanks folks.
Amazing job so far everyone. I just need your energy and enthusiasm for a few more weeks!

P.S this deadline also includes your Credit Billboard. You can make em however you like. My one is pretty simplistic, Tegan's one puts mine to shame, the warlord.
Remember there'll be blue sky and green park and trees around your billboard image, so no portraits of you in the park please.


  1. Dare I ask if a lowly first year such as myself gets one of these..? Haha.

  2. course you'll get in one, but you won't get a WHOLE one to yourself you understand, but a corner of one? A picture of you and Clyde?

  3. Thanks! Sure thing, I wasn't expecting a whole one, a corner is more than I deserve! =P

    I'll sketch something up when i get a free moment!

  4. Can you move Sally over a bit plz?
    I did something to my name and now Sal is in the wrong place. Thaaaaaaaaaaaanks!

  5. Greg, you'll share half a billboard with Betty. Split down the middle.

  6. Also, I have changed the text in my poster. I'll give it to you if/when you need it.