Friday, 11 December 2009

Expressions Testing

Id like to say i finished the Facial rigging now... but maya is a cunt. FACT. So unless any problems occur then the facial rigging is done. Im not sure how to do the Lattice for the nose yet but i will learn now if you think we still need it?

Checklist to completion:

1. Get Richard to show me how to do that tail control he was telling me about
2. Parent him to the world movement thingy ( 3 circles )
3. For some reason the eyes are rotating around a point in mid-air when the head is moved ( Im sure this didnt happen before ) So i need to sort that.
4. Touch up any off skin weights

Unless you can think of anything else then thats pretty much it? I WILL have this thing completed this week, and ill be staying from 9.30-9 everyday this week to make fucking sure lol



  1. YES! looking good, sir. very nice indeed. I think you should get some squash and stretch control on there too, then he'll be complete!