Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Updated Model Sheet and a Tree!

Well i between sleeping, sneezing, and other general things that happen when you are ill i made a tree "inspired" by the super paper mario series thought these subtle things may also branch out to the gaming animation side (may try a twist on a mario cloud too)

Also well i knew that model sheets were more then just a turn table of the character so i added some full body poses and expressions on him.

i am feeling alot better now too, a whole day of lemsip, sleep and good old TLC from grandma made me feel much better so i'll be back in the studio tomorrow :D


  1. Wow that trees genius... if nothing else ( which obviously it will be ) the parks/woods will look fantastic lol

  2. I agree, that tree looks brilliant!
    Glad you're feeling better~

  3. We have so many trees now. TREES TREES TREES!
    Can we have more Trees? Trees of the future. Come in with the trees. Nah, Kiddin. We have enough trees now! NIce stuff!

  4. I NEED THIS TREE AS A PDF ON THE SERVER! then it goes in the film, y'all...