Saturday, 3 October 2009


i am back from me holidays now :D

just a few more sketches of the little guy and i gave him a hat ricky!


  1. I like the hat. Do you like hat? I still think he needs to be a little shorter though to keep him in proportion with the times, try 2 1/2 heads, or just just 2 heads high. The binoculars bit was me trying to squeeze in the whole 20s morphing nature of their characters. Feel free to play around and look for more excuses to do so in the story.
    P.S don't worry if you're sick of him. Everyone can do pretty much what they want within reason (except you, Alex, I need you to stay RIGHT where you areeee).

  2. yeah i like the hat on him too! i'm going to keep his hat! oh okies yeah no problem ill make him a wee bit shorter. Ah fair enough yeah ill have a look for morphing opportunities in the story board

  3. I mean everyone can decide what they want to do really. 'Cept you. You generate imagery on the computer! Ha ha!