Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Crock Toy

Ricckkkyyyyyyyyyyy..... *said in an annoying eastenders fashion*

You said before about making Crocky Gee Toylike? I duno what your thoughts are on this anymore but i put this together today to test it out a little. Cha fink?


  1. wow, really like the construction on this crocky.

  2. agreed, your construction is pretty amazing, you're going to love yourself when you come to model this cos you'll need all of those lines to help you!
    Well, I think if we were to explore this toy route, it would have to be with far less hinges. It looks kinda robotic. You'd only really need one at each shoulder, the neck, and the top of each leg. The other things would move by toy magic. (Just like Rex)
    BUt seeing it like this...I'm not sure it's worth exploring anymore to be honest (not because it of your drawing...the concept itself).
    Maybe there's not enough information to go on and people would just get confused. Ordinary Croc, everyone?