Thursday, 24 September 2009

Saturday Mornings at 9!

Hey guys, just putting the line version the poster down, for anyone who's interested.
This was actually done last week, but the rough colours I put on it caused me such embarrassment (ask Ricky or Tegan. And no, you can't see it) that I've spent the intervening time trying to come up with something better. Unfortunately my digital painting skills aren't what you'd call fast, so I'm leaving this here for anyone who is better than me and fancies taking a crack at it.

Also, here's a version with finished lettering. Just for jollies.


  1. The lettering on the second one is very snazzy ~
    Liking the poster design!
    Is Tegan still colouring this one? I'll could give colouring it a shot.

  2. You can colour it Storm, no problems! I just offered because Mark didn't like his, s'all =]