Monday, 10 August 2009

Possible Wolf?!

Well i saw ricky's post on maybe a new look for wolf and that the examples were slightly old
and well whilst relaxing in front of the TV on my day off watching the old sonic cartoons and super mario this came on and well the restricted animation and design made me think of wolf his name is Captain N (Captain Nintendo)

dunno if this helps maybe with wolfs design just thought i would post it anyway


  1. Goddamn, Megaman looks like shit in this series...

    Good idea Nicole, but this animation is faaarrr too GOOD! ANd this is pretty bad! However, the age and design of character is definitely a possibility...

    With regards to the animation, we're talking as bad as this...

  2. haha wow yeah that is terrible animation!! yeah the design and age of him is what made me think on wolf

    ill keep a look out for anything closer to the bad animation as well as design

  3. I don't even know what this is.
    Shit, pure shit.
    I had to turn it off.
    Not just because the animation was bad, it's just shit.

    Anyway, Captain N looks like a creepy Marvel attempt at anime/anime attempt at Marvel, man it sucks. But he does look young, could be a good way to get across Wolf's age. I've just tried drawing a few and I can only make him look like Fred from Scooby Doo.

  4. I actullay used to watch this as a kid.
    Awful way to grow up

    Probably should stay away from Fred, lots of animation affectionados like scooby doo.
    Does anyone on the team like Scooby Dooby doo doo?

  5. We can combine the basic look of Captain N with the animation points of the other post...
    Although we'll make him our own of course...