Tuesday, 25 August 2009

A starting point!

Helloooooooooooo chums... Hopefully im posting this right as im pretty rubbish at navigating this blogger lark. This is just a few charactters from different types of CG animimation that i would like to know your thoughts on for when i start making up my CG crowd character. Which sort of style would u think fits in best with the aesthetics of Badly Animated overall?

I'll start researching and drawing up some ideas for the ones you think would be best x


  1. Good point on Reboot there...but I don't want another human. We need another anthropomorphic something...don't mind what...animal, vegetable, whatever.
    But I will say I am leaning towards a big toy like Rex...only don't rip him off totally...
    Bear in mind that what ever you design has to have human limbs (longer arms than rex here) and be able to stand on 2 legs without leaning forward (unlike rex who leans forward from his tail) because they will be dancing with the other characters and needs to be able to reach the same poses

    So, I'd say go for a big plasticy Dinosaur, but he needs to be able to stand like a human.

  2. What about a bear? Or a mouse? Maybe a penguin?

  3. everyone likes penguins...but can they dance? (Happy feet tells us, no, no they can't. Can't see their bloody feet half the time)

  4. That's tapdancing... We can do better.

  5. the point is, they haven't got legs! Just feet! Can you see a penguin doing that dance pose from the second dance in the storyboard (the one where people are almost bent over backwards)

  6. My point was, you can't make a dinosaur dance either!