Sunday, 16 August 2009

Post surgery Wolf

So, here's a possible direction for a post surgery Wolf. Still gonna have the same costume and colour scheme (and now there might actually be a short surgery scene so any confusion will be washed away)
There's a few minor variations between the top and bottom drawings here. I noticed as I was drawing the revised one (bottom) that I had to lose the shoulder pads to make it more animatable. I also changed the definition of the arms to make them more Preston Blair. I think this would be the 3rd stage of surgery, when he's at his peak perhaps? It's the most cartoony so it kinda makes sense. I think the one inbetween would be simply that...inbetween the 2...I'm not sure...


  1. It'd be really easy to break this model for when he becomes ridiculous.

  2. i like it! makes me think of elmer fudd in his better younger days lol