Tuesday, 11 August 2009

New Wolf?

I know it's terrible quality (I couldn't be bothered to go in there with a mouse...I REALLY need a wacom). I couldn't resist that turtle neck from Captain N (or the jacket shape or hair for that matter). Now he's from one of those high camp sci fi things from the 70's. I think having no seperate eye colour is very recongnisable for this era, I also think this could easily be re drawn in a different style after surgery and actually make it look good, yet still the same character.
There'll be more to come. What do you y'all think?


  1. I like it, looks like he could be a cartoon character. (or a Thunderbird =D)

    Definitely easy to redraw as well, because I think he is pretty generic looking like this - which is fine, it seems all 70s cartoon characters had the same face, depending on whether you were a kid, a hero, a villain, etc.

    I reckon his ears need to be simpler though, no way do I want to draw in lines like that if I'm animating!

    Good stuff.

  2. i really like it! like tegan said its simple so it will be easy to animate but also fits very well with the generic 70s cartoon character!

    his design can be easily adapted when he goes for surgery!

    plus i really like his jacket for some reason! :D

  3. I really like where this is going. If we gave him a comic-style line quality and VERY limited animation (re: Jonny Quest, Challenge of the Superfriends, Space Ghost, etc) it could really enhance the 70's feel.