Friday, 31 July 2009

so, this was something i'd been mulling over for a while, then i showed rich what we reckoned the final sally might look like - he said she's dull, but he found a sketch i did of a different kind of look for sally and suggested using that.

here is what i did.

if you think about it, what is sally meant to represent, but a modern, idiot celebrity - aren't they all stick thin, lollipop headed, stuck up nobodies?

whaddya reckon?


  1. You can blatantly ignore everything you've done prior. Develop this!
    All the points you make are bang on the money.
    A few things to work on, but probably none that you're not already aware of. Talking about the hair creating those parallel lines with her shoulders, and blah blah blah. Not sure how her head would rotate so some turn arounds'd be nice. I really really like the body shape, it makes a nice sihoette.

    And she clearly ISN'T Jessica Rabbit.

    I think it's real nice, Teegs.

  2. Dito everything Ricky just said. Really captures that Jodie-Marsh-like sense of unwarranted self importance.